Stoneham, Massachusetts

Program: Master Plan for the redevelopment of an abandoned hospital site into a 400 Unit residential community

Solution: The project envisions the creation of 3 distinct neighborhoods within the residential portion of a larger mixed-use development that includes office and retail components.

The largest neighborhood will include 258 rental apartment units in 4 elevator buildings clustered around a courtyard with a pool, play area and landscaped green. To the north, with outstanding views of the adjacent Fells Reservation, 95 residential condominiums are planned in 2 additional elevator buildings. While to the west, 49 smaller scale townhouse condominiums are planned.

Traditional elements found in New England style architecture, such as pitched roofs and smaller, more domestic-scaled elements and additive bays, balconies and dormers will help break up the scale of the larger buildings and provide a distinctive sense of place. Large double-hung windows, clapboard siding with decorative trim, a stone base and feature panel areas will further enhance the residential character. Carefully planned landscaping will tie into the nearby Fells and provide opportunities for recreation for residents and neighbors alike.

Architect of Record: ADD Inc,  Michael T. Doherty, project executive and project manager

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