Boston, Massachusetts

Program: Urban, mixed-use infill development consisting of 84 residential condominiums, ground floor retail and restaurant space, 2 levels of underground parking and relocated community gardens.

Solution: Respecting the scale and building traditions of Boston's South End was a key aspect of this project, which won a city-sponsored developer competition. Accordingly, the proposed building is made-up of two basic parts: a more traditionally inspired "masonry block" along East Canton Street and a more industrial and "loft-like" section that fills in the street-front along the majority of Harrison Avenue. Large metal and glass 'bay windows' mark the corners of the building and the residential entrance.

A flow-through lobby separates the ground floor units along East Canton Street from the retail and restaurant spaces along Harrison Avenue, while providing a view of the community gardens beyond.

The compact but bright and airy condominium units feature open kitchens, high ceilings and big windows. Developer Mitchell Properties was able to provide an equal mix of moderate, middle and market rate condominiums through a series of grants and funding sources.

Architect of Record: ADD Inc,  Michael T. Doherty, project designer

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