Winchester, Massachusetts

Program: 40 unit condominium redevelopment on infill site

Solution: Conceived as the 2nd phase of Winchester Crossing, this project will provide 1 and 2 bedroom flats that are elevator accessible with garage parking.  The "4-square" site plan is organized by a pair of landscaped entrance courtyards that lead to an internal parking court that provides access to garages below the buildings.

The massing steps down from 3 stories along the internal parking court to 2 stories along the perimeter of the site. This reduces the scale and visual impact on the surrounding context of mostly single-family homes, and conceals the garage entrances. Steeply pitched roof forms, in combination with both projecting and recessed bay elements draw inspiration from the architectural traditions of Winchester. The massing is further broken down in scale by the use of larger, intermediate and smaller scale design elements, including front porches and an exterior clad in wood shingles, clapboards and accent trim.

All residential units will have glazing on 2 exterior walls, which provides a more home-like feeling than is traditionally found with in-line flats.  

Architect of Record: ADD Inc,  Michael T. Doherty, project executive, project manager and lead designer

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