Quincy, Massachusetts

Program: 5 story, 130,000 SF office building

Solution: Designed and built for the NFPA, the building was conceived as the newer companion to an existing office building at the site. Together they form a large, wooded courtyard with a small pond as its focal point. Parking is mostly structured, both below the building and in an adjacent garage.

4 Batterymarch curves in plan as it peels away from the arrival / drop-off area, and it has a subtle base, middle and top exterior masonry expression. Over-sized glass and metal bay windows break down the scale of the project and help provide a streamlined architectural character.

Inside, a linear,1 story entrance space leads past a custom reception desk to a 2 story atrium overlooking the pond. A cafeteria and landscaped exterior seating area allows for outdoor dining in warm weather months.

Architect of Record: ADD Inc,   Michael T. Doherty, project designer and project manager

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